How to See the Path

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III, 2020

A lot of us walk in shadows, unclear of our way. There are forces that pull us, from the inside and out, in any which way.. sometimes without our knowing. With so many voices in our heads it can become difficult to know which one to listen to. It is hard to know which path to follow.

I wandered off my path and into the forest – with a machete, I chopped into the trees of thought swirling within. These thoughts bloomed habits….and fears and insecurities and beliefs. I became trapped within the ever-winding wild of my mind. For the first time in my life, I was lost.

I believe we each have a purpose and role unique to us. There’s a silent whisper within that reveals the path we are to follow. Each one of us is valuable. We make up an important part of the whole. But sometimes, we wander into the forest and become lost until we can no longer trace our way back to the path.

There are three questions that we can ask ourselves to solve any problem. These questions may reveal something that will reveal a road back to the path.

As follows, in chronological order:

– What are the facts of the situation?
– How do I feel about it?
– What am I going to do about it?

When we walk upon the wheels of our waking life, grounded in the present, our hands can channel the creations we were born to make. We can carefully curate our future through the decisions we make today. By coming back to the breath within, we can remember to not wander to far into the wilderness without knowing our way back.

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