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Well my friends, here we are – the ultimate clashing crash.

Society, culture and our planet at large seems to be disintegrating under the weight of globalist capitalism – its what our pain grumbles about.
It’s heavy to bear, but it is this weight that we all share.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Mama Jeane. I am one of the wounded – a warrior – here to lend a helping hand through this dark tunnel. I create work about struggling and healing, progression and regression. 

My life began in the cave

At times, I’d catch little peep holes and peek into the light…but many times, those same holes disappeared as soon as they had appeared. I’ve heard the voices that haunt; I’ve dissected and observed as they perished. Yet somehow, I find myself here, outside – my body, mind and spirit renewed.
We have been living in the Age of Distraction. Material is more important than people. Televisions sit in our family rooms, constantly chattering and sinking into our subconscious minds, slowly, slowly…
What exactly am I listening to? We must ask ourselves. What exactly is sinking in? How does this affect me?
…do you ever think about these things?

Our government was built to enslave. The corporations own us. Money owns us. Debt pushes us deeper into the hole and further into a capitalist trap. Our minds are numb.
So what should we do?
We could cry, I’ve done so many times before, dwelling on the ways in which we are stuck. We could rebel and protest. Make bombs and blow up state buildings…many of us have done so already. We could silently and stealthily move through the Senate, unraveling this system of exploitation from the inside-out – a lot of us are doing this too.

No matter what we do, we must embrace ideas (not ideologies).

Explore ideas that others push away – inquire and ask why. Find dangerously true ideas that lead to a renewed and unified world. Don’t be so cynical that you give up trying. We must free our minds that have been trapped within cages of fear.

It brings me much joy to have connected with you. To make sure we stay connected, join my email list. Make me a friend and add me to your contacts. I can’t tell you what to expect, but I can tell you it probably won’t be what you were expecting. In short, have no expectations. I promise it won’t be a waste.