I am Mama Jeane.
I create art with the intention to heal.

I have a belief in the power of color and symbols. This is the belief that guides my creative process. With the knowledge of color, light and symbols, I create work that can sit with you and in each moment of interaction, leave you with a different perspective than what you had previously noticed.

Our souls can be awakened by transforming our environments. Through art, we can achieve our goals of higher elevation, we can confront our subconscious, we can transform our selves. All of the ideas I share are here to assist in this process.

To stay connected, the best way is to get woke with me. In light of the Coronavirus Crisis, I created a coloring book intended to help people process this experience we are collectively enduring. Coloring can ease stress levels and foster self-awareness. So upon joining my email list, you will get three of these pages free as soon as you subscribe.

Thank you for taking the time to visit 🙂