Manically Depressed, 2014

Mama Jeane is an emerging artist and activist that creates neoexpressionist work revolving around the effort to stay sane in an insane world.
She uses elements of dada, surrealism and expressionism to address complex ideas about how our unconscious individual psyches can have an intense impact on our socio-political system at large. Mama Jeane integrates a plethora of mediums including illustration, printmaking, paint and resin as well as found objects that are used to further the impact of each issue she dissects. Her work intrinsically rejects the white-washing, minimalist, over-consumption and diluting nature that capitalism has pushed upon the arts. As a white-passing Latinx woman, her isolating position in society puts her in an empathetic space to see through the world’s history of egotism and segregation. She asks her viewers to face their own perspectives and destructive natures with harsh realism as an effort to encourage ultimate healing.