I am Mama Jeane and it is my goal in life to teach you what your mama couldn’t. Life is a bitch and then you die – why not grow a bit along the way? This generation has quite the mess to pick up. The Climate Crisis has brought to us mounds of plastic shit we’ve got to figure out how to break down. Scientists have theorized that we are experiencing the sixth mass extinction. Mormons are shouting about Revelations – the end is nigh!

Basically, we’ve got a lot of existential shit to deal with. I’m sure you’ve contemplated suicide at least once or twice (who wouldn’t? Trump is the U.S. president and the UK voted in favor of Brexit…) Maybe you’ve been prescribed a million medications since you were 6. Maybe you’re struggling with homelessness as you bury yourself underneath all that student loan debt. Maybe you’ve experienced none of these things but there is a hollow place in your soul.

I get it. I’ve been there. We are here together.

I create art for your soul, philosophy for your mind, and design for your body. Consider this the holistic approach to feeding that existential block that living in this time has given to you. We’ve got a whole lot to clean up and we are going to need to be strong to do it. Strong in our bodies, minds and souls. Walk on this path with me. I would like us to save the world together.

I do want to warn you though: self-growth isn’t always easy. I’m going to help you face your unconscious, your shadow, the darkest parts of you. It is through facing our darkest parts that we grow. If we can face the dark parts of ourselves, we can face the dark parts of our world. If we can fix what is broken within, we can fix what is broken outside.