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Join me in a meditation to put your body, mind and soul at ease.

central nervous system diagram

The Problem of Perception

We each are built with a central nervous system, including our eyes, brain and spinal cord that distributes all of our feelings throughout our entire body. These individual nervous systems evolve throughout our lives, affected by each experience we go through. We think based off of our reactions and our assumed perceptions without really knowing […]

search result drawing about surreal expressionism

How to See the Path

A lot of us walk in shadows, unclear of our way. There are forces that pull us, from the inside and out, in any which way.. sometimes without our knowing. With so many voices in our heads it can become difficult to know which one to listen to. It is hard to know which path […]

My Inner Critic

I never thought I would be here. I thought I would be further along. I thought I would be…more of who I wanted to be. The critic in my head never seems to stop thinking. I don’t think I am alone with the thoughts that haunt. I’ve got a bully in my head that bangs […]


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