Warheads, 2017

Tanks. Tanks. I’m tanking and tinkering while lingering on a thought that I’ve fought for a time until I stopped. . . I bought into a life that bleeds strife Got caught in a life and I was blind. My mask of defenses – Disintegrating. Add shading to all of the angles. See reality fading. […]

Community Solutions/Agraria

I spent the summer of 2018 as an Americorps volunteer at Agraria, a farm that had recently been bought by Community Solutions through a massive effort of fundraising through the Yellow Springs community. They bought a commercial corn and soy farm that had been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals, which are now still depleting nutrients […]

Glen Helen

I had just gotten back from cycling with my little family from Pittsburgh to D.C. in an effort towards fighting for environmental justice. Exhilarated by the endorphins of over 200 miles, I set out to find work with a mission: to help care for our planet. I started working with Glen Helen in June of […]

Destruction, 2014

This here is a throwback to one of the first works of mine that actually encapsulated the aesthetic and conceptual strength that I work to produce. I had been delving into Jungian ideas about our individual and collective psyche. I myself, at the time, fell prey to my own self-destructive habits and sought to look […]

The Book of Souls I, 2017

We all remember that night. Red bleeding across the country as Trump’s lead became inevitable. Liberals were panicking on Facebook. Fake news had gone awry! That election changed us and I wanted to know why. An ideological warfare had begun and in a world where expressing your opinion is literally at your fingertips, we all […]