When thinking about where to commission an art piece, one must recognize what type of art they’re looking for.

Do you want art to decorate your apartment? In other words, is the art that you’re looking for devoid of meaning or function? Are you looking for art that the elite trade like baseball cards? Is your mission to find American art for sale that is cheap and fast?

Or are you looking for something new and something fresh, a reflection of our times, artwork with meaning…

To commission an art piece is to choose the ideas you want to be reminded of. Moreover, the right artist shares your philosophies and finds the symbols that decorate and acknowledge your existence.

The work that you see on this website is surreal expressionism (get used to hearing this)

It activates the unconscious mind by distorting reality to evoke moody ideas – ideas about the world, its politics, how sanity keeps slipping…

It aims to inform as much as it introspects and it is the type of art you commission because you are seeking the soul of an idea. Curious individuals commission this work. The space/time continuum intrigues them. Above all, they are prone to introspection. They’re seduced by their own insanity and drawn to exercises that put them face-to-face with their id, ego and superego all at once, time and time again.