Mentally Ill Art

Mentally Ill Art illustrates the unraveling of a mind and the lead-up to it’s breakdown.

It is not for the light of heart, but for those who have traveled deep into the dark crevices of life. Stigma against mental illness weigh heavily on its survivors. Not only do they battle the strength of their symptoms, but the judgment by others as well. Art about mentally ill people can shine a light on their experiences, increasing understanding among allies.

One who is in the throws of mental illness is caged within their lack of control.

Therefore, their moods and perceptions overwhelm their behaviors. In effect, no one sees the person when the illness takes center-stage, bowing as it twirls and nosedives the survivor’s entire life into chaos and destruction. It is as if the mentally ill person is possessed, battling another spirit for control within their own body.

Psychiatric facilities are operating at full capacity as suicidal thoughts are sweeping over humanity. Fear riddles patients who scream and laugh and weep. By visualizing our neurotic symptoms through surreal expressionism, we come to face them. When facing them, we begin a conversation. This conversation leads to healing.

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