Neurotic Personality

The neurotic personality worries too much, eyes appear from the walls, voices echo within the cages of their psyche.

Their brain becomes disheveled so it tries to rearrange it’s thoughts in a way that feels good…but no place quite fits right so they keep moving and rearranging the scattered thoughts that keep scattering. Unfortunately, they are stuck within their neurotic personality.

They are moody in nature, swinging back and forth between joy and sadness.

The allure of drama is difficult to turn away from and it pulls the neurotic deeper into their own neuroses. To move through neurosis, you have an opportunity to become conscious of who you actually are as opposed to who you think you are. This mentally ill art illustrates the neurotic personality through surreal expression. The ego and the unconscious battle through their tension, examining their different ideas of what “I” even means.

Neurotic personalities will surely always continue their ramblings, but in what ways will those ramblings continue to be framed? Is it possible to be released from the chains of burdensome thought? Or will one only attain moments few and far between when the chatter settles and the emotional waves calm? Is it a choice or is it an affliction?

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