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Long ago, a star exploded.

The dust erupted into the atmosphere and began to form the elements. These elements formed into algae and bacteria. Over centuries, the bacteria formed the entire planet we coexist upon. First the flowers bloomed, then the insects crawled, perception was born.

Life evolved and evolved until reaching an ultimate state of being: The Human Being.

We acquired the gift to perceive. Yet to this day, our perception and reality remains ambiguous and malleable. The complexity of each individual’s senses can determine and alter their sense of reality. This collection is a piecing together of the conscious and subconscious mind. By seeking, we may one day comprehend our perceptive devices and the reality we live within.

The canvas in this collection has been painted, cut up and stitched back together.

Like our perception, it has been adapted in each of its many stages and cycles through its existence. Each painting features beams of light, powered by LEDs, shining through the cracks. What if we cracked through the riddles within our own perceptions? What if we crafted and molded what we see?

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