Please Don’t Leave Me, 2019


8″ x 10.25″
ink pen & graphite pencil on mixed media paper

Art made for Melancholics by a Melancholic

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Abandonment issues last far beyond the first person who left.

It clings to you like heavy baggage. You’d love to let it go, but it is chained to you. You keep dragging it along into every single relationship that comes and goes. Each relationship adds yet another bag. The abandonment issues grow heavier. This work is about the fear that embeds itself inside of you. If your parent left you and your former partners left you, why wouldn’t your present partner leave too? But they can’t. So you beg, you plead. Each argument is a threat to your existence, your happiness, your well-being.

So you beg, you plead, “please don’t leave me. Please don’t leave. You can’t. I need you. Please stay. Please don’t go. No one loves you the way I do.” You say this in a million ways. You grip harder onto the bag of this relationship. You grip harder and harder until you pull it out of their hands. As you fall back, they walk away too. The baggage is heavier now. You drag it along asking yourself, “why does everyone always leave?”

The best way to overcome abandonment issues is through therapy and self-care. If you struggle with these issues seek out a therapist (CBT or DBT) who can help you address the underlying traumas and issues while giving you a tool kit of coping skills and self-care ideas.

This was work was drawn with Faber & Castel ink pens and Daler Rowney graphite pencils on mixed media paper. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all drawings.

SHIPPING: To ensure protection, drawings are placed in a sleeve. Framed artwork is bubble-wrapped and boxed, unframed artwork is placed in a travel-safe envelope. A week following the purchase date, orders will be shipped.


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