Destruction Survives, 2017


14″ x 17″
mixed media on bristol paper

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“Someday I’ll be alive. Someday I’ll stay alive.”

Life is a gamble, I’m sure you’ve heard this; it’s a gamble and we live it every day. You get up in the morning. Boom. Dice rolled. You’re still living. We roll the dice again and again, all day long. We are still here, therefore we made it….right? This work is about death and destruction to self and other, individually and collectively. It moves through the muddy emotions of grief, striking the paper with its harsh black paint strokes. It is easier to logicize our own death than to feel it as an impending reality. Sometimes life feels so dull, so incapable of being something worth living. How does one grapple with wanting to be alive when secretly desiring death? Destruction Survives explores this conundrum.

This work was created with Golden acrylic paints, Fabel-Castel ink markers and pens, and charcoal on bristol paper. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies this piece.

SHIPPING: To ensure protection, this piece will be placed in a sleeve, then placed in a large travel-safe envelope. A week following the purchase date, your order will be shipped.


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