“Neuroses/Sanity VII” Drawing


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Neuroses/Sanity VII, 2020
ink pen on bristol

They say the Inner World is a sacred place where we may find a wealth of joy, pain, lessons and knowledge…I think I spend too much inside of it. Neurotics like me teeter on the edge of our conscious and subconscious as they battle to keep control. At our best, we are conscious, our soul shines through, and the path is clear. But at our worse…the subconscious comes over us like a wave, its empowering force embodying us. We dissociate. Our mind wanders. Others can’t see it. Others can’t comprehend. One minute I’m here, I’m conscious, and the next –
The traumas sunken within me lift up through my heart as it pounds heavily in my chest. Who am I? I was here just a minute ago, wasn’t I? Wasn’t I? And now I’m remembering, or reacting, or reviving what I thought I had forgotten.
Our subconscious minds are responsible for a multitude of actions and the ripples from those actions. To reveal the subconscious mind, I practiced automatic drawing, a method developed by the Surrealists as a means of expressing it. As I grappled to find the balance between my neuroses and sanity, I let my hand scribble whichever which way it pleased, hoping its expression could pierce through the veil, revealing something I had not yet noted.
This collection is the opening of my insides, the unveiling of the tricky cobwebbed corners of confusion, hope, calculations, observations, ruminations and disorientations. It is my shaky attempt to get things right or wait – I…

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Ink pen on bristol

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