Protect Your Mother, 2019


Mixed media

*marked down due to blemishes

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Protect your mother – Mother Earth, Mother Gaia. Cherish her fertile lands and cleansing waves; nourish her air and balance her elements.

Protect your mother, our mother, from the greed of men. Do not allow the capitalist propaganda that takes but doesn’t give to drain Her of Her gifts and pleasures. Feed Her with seeds and watch Her grow in abundance. Therefore She will continue to flourish, heal and nurture. Our mother, She birthed us, and yet humanity’s disrespect continues to ravage upon every single bit. We must protect our mother and nourish She who nourishes us.

This work was first drawn in ink, then transferred into Illustrator, where it transformed into a colored line drawing. After printed out on Strathmore Watercolor Paper, the picture was filled in with watercolor pens, then highlighted with gel pens. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies this piece.

SHIPPING: To ensure protection, this piece will be placed in a sleeve, then placed in a large travel-safe envelope. A week following the purchase date, your order will be shipped.


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