I See (Part One), 2022


12″ x 12″
acrylic paint on canvas with backlit LEDs


Made for Seekers by a Seeker

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Red emits primal energy, supplying us with a sense of survival and security. 

It is the color of passion, connected to the physical body, reproduction, and sexuality.  You can use red light to heal sexual organs and heat blood to kill germs or infections.  It helps with circulation and creates warmth in the body.  Red gives one courage and energy to complete a physical task, filling them with strength.  The Instinctive Self arises in a human being within their first 18 months of life and was established in mankind 100,000 years ago.  Priorities revolve around food, water, warmth, sex and safety and doing whatever it takes to survive.

Life evolved and evolved until reaching an ultimate state of being: The Human Being.  We acquired the gift to perceive. Yet to this day, our perception and reality remains ambiguous and malleable. The complexity of each individual’s senses can determine and alter their sense of reality. This collection is a piecing together of the conscious and subconscious mind. By seeking, we may one day comprehend our perceptive devices and the reality we live within.

This collection was painted with Golden Acrylic Paints on canvas. All pieces are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

SHIPPING: Artwork is bubble-wrapped and boxed to ensure protection. Orders will be shipped a week following the purchase date.


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