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Tank, 2017


7″ x 5″
ink pen & graphite pencil on illustration board

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Tank is a part of “Warheads,” a collection created in 2017.

This collection depicts abstract subjects of war tinkering and tankering into the night. They are moving so fast they almost disappear. You think you can make out something, but then it’s gone yet again. It is hard to know how many there are of anything at all.

This collection was drawn with Faber & Castel ink pens and Daler Rowney graphite pencils on Crescent illustration board. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all drawings.

SHIPPING: To ensure protection, drawings are placed in a sleeve. Framed artwork is bubble-wrapped and boxed, unframed artwork is placed in a travel-safe envelope. A week following the purchase date, orders will be shipped.


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