Anxiety II, 2020


acrylic paint marker on bristol paper


Made for Neurotics by a Neurotic

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The anxious are trapped within heir own minds – thinking, then overthinking, and thinking yet again.

Each perception the anxious contemplates is just waiting to be mulled over a million times and once more. This state of mind keeps one stuck, unable to move. When you cannot move your mind from the past or future, your body becomes stagnant in the present.
There is a whole world waiting for you, oh anxious one, if you’re ready for it. There’s a world waiting to see you and to love you, if only you would let it. The block feels heavy, but the freedom felt by lifting it is endlessly liberating.

Anxiety sinks like black sludge. All the bad feelings clog up within your diaphragm. It gets a little harder to breathe. A frog climbs into your throat and it just sits there….ribbetribbet… “Why do I feel this way?” is the first thought. Thoughts and delusions spiral out of control. Reality is no longer clear. Anxiety is a collection of psychological art that illustrates intense anxious states of being, driven by the primal brain and its fight or flight instincts.

This collection was drawn with Golden Acrylic Paint Markers on bristol paper. All pieces are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

SHIPPING: To ensure protection, framed artwork is bubble-wrapped and boxed, unframed artwork is placed in a travel-safe roll tube. A week following the purchase date, orders will be shipped.

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